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Donation Boxes for Ukraine Refugee Crisis

Donation Boxes for Ukraine Refugee Crisis

According to the United Nations, as of April 2022, over 5 million people have now fled Ukraine as a result of the Russian invasion. This represents the fastest growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War 2.

Over the years we have noticed that many students throw out unwanted items of clothing and other accessories at the end of term when they begin clearing out their rooms and booking storage. As a result, a few years ago we ran a donation box service to allow students to pack a box full of unwanted items that we would collect and donate to the local homeless shelter as part of our service. In light of the Ukraine refugee crisis, we would once again like to offer this service.

When packing up your items at the end of term, we would encourage students to take any items (blankets/clothing especially) that they feel they do not need or would like to donate, and to pack these into one of our free standard boxes. Simply inform our team of the donation box when we come to collect your items for storage, and they will take the box to the one of the collection centres in Fife.   

If you are not using our service this summer we would still welcome you to donate boxes for us to collect. Simply send us an email confirming how many boxes you are able to donate, as well as the location, and we will organise the logistics of the donation. We can also supply boxes if needed – just let us know.