Free Collection & Delivery in Summer!
Help Us To Give Back!

Help Us To Give Back!

The homeless situation in the UK is at a crisis point, with a 4%
year-on-year increase
(that’s 13,000 more people homeless this year than
last year, and those statistics may even be an underestimate, according
to Shelter).

Focusing in on Scotland, the statistics in the two regions that Local
Student Storage currently operates, Edinburgh and St Andrews, are
alarming. These statistics, compiled by Shelter Scotland last year, show
that Edinburgh had over 3,352 homeless applications, and the Fife region
had over 2,441 homeless applications.

We at Local Student Storage have
had an idea. We would like to trial a donation programme whereby
students can fill any of their unused boxes with unwanted clothes/items
which the Local Student Storage team will collect and donate to the
local homeless shelter.

“We often find that students don’t use all of the boxes that they order
from us, and that many students throw out a large amount of clothes and
other items when they leave town”, explains LSS Director, Harry Bremner.
“As such, we’re going to be piloting a new project this summer where we
will be encouraging students to fill up any unused boxes with spare
clothes or unwanted items, which we will collect for free and donate to
the local homeless shelter”.

Students can also freely order donation boxes from our website which
we will deliver and return to collect, even if they are not using
our service! How to do this:

  • Select ‘Standard Box’ from the online store and go to checkout
  • Write ‘donation box’ in the comments section on the booking page
  • Select the day that you’d like us to deliver the box and the day
    that you’d like us to collect it

For students using our service, feel free to order an extra standard box
and simply write ‘Donation Box’ and hand it over to our collection team
when we collect your other items.

Booking with Local Student Storage now equates to supporting student
enterprise, the environment, a very worthy charitable cause, your bank
balance, and your sanity. At exactly the right time of year.