How It Works

Need boxes?

We'll bring you some, along with packing tape

Our driver will come to your place

We'll send an ETA one or two days before

We'll return your items when you return to Uni

We'll safely store your items all summer

Not sure when you will return? Just let us know a week or so in advance

All items are stored locally with 24 hour security

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Student Storage Made Simple

We Collect. We Store. We Return.



One simple price for the whole summer

Standard Box



  • 457 x 305 x 305mm

  • Under 15kg in weight

Large Box



  • 457 x 457 x 457mm

  • Under 20kg in weight



  • Under 1.6m on all 3 outside dimensions added together

  • Under 25KG in weight.

Trunk/Larger Item


  • Over 1.6m on all 3 outside dimensions added together

  • Under 30kg in weight 



How does it work?

Once you book online we deliver boxes to your address, let you pack them, and then collect them at the time selected when booking. Thereafter the boxes are transferred to a secure storage facility to be stored during the summer. We then return the boxes during Freshers' Week.

How many boxes should I order?

On average, our customers use around 6 boxes (a mixture of small and large) plus a suitcase or two. We recommend that you order more boxes than needed as you only pay for what you use. Also be aware of our weight restrictions - so it is often a good idea to have spare boxes that you can use to distribute weight if necessary.

How does payment work?

On checkout you can choose either to pay now or to pay later. If you choose to pay now, any unused boxes will be refunded to your account after collection. If you choose to pay later, we will send you an invoice once we collect your items. Please note that invoicing is subject to a 3.5% fee.

Is insurance included?

No. Insurance can be organised through us by selecting the insurance option when booking. See the Insurance Policy for more details. Feel free to email us regarding any questions on insurance or to request more.

Are there any fees for boxes that are too heavy or overpacked?

If your item exceeds the weight limit you may be given a fee of up to £10 by the collection team for that item (at the discretion of the collection team). This is to cover the cost required for additional packaging and care. If your item exceeds the dimensions the item will be moved to the next category of pricing. In order not to exceed the dimensions, the boxes must meet these conditions: the top must be completely flat and at a 90-degree angle with the sides; the flaps on the top and bottom must perfectly meet and the box must have no bulges anywhere on the box. These rules are in place as the standard boxes are stacked in our facility and we cannot stack overpacked boxes.

Is it possible to access my things during the summer?

Due to the logistics of the storage facility this is unfortunately not possible.

Is it possible to get my items delivered early?

If this is necessary, we suggest that you contact us by e-mail and we will tell you if it is possible. If it is, you may be charged a fee that reflects our costs in organising the return of the goods at an earlier date

What happens if I am unable to collect my things during Freshers’ Week, or if I forget to collect them?

We will try to accommodate you as best as possible, and so if the situation arises where delivery is necessary after Freshers’ Week, a fee of £25 will be added to cover the costs of retrieving the items. However, for every five days after the final delivery date, a fee of £25 will be added to cover the cost of renting the facility, in addition to the £25 fee to cover the costs of retrieving items.

Do I need to be in when my items are collected/returned?

No, you don't need to be present when we collect your items. If you are in halls of residence we will collect your items from reception so that you don't have to wait around for us! Alternatively, if you're not in halls, we are happy to leave your items with a delegated flatmate.

What is included in the price?

The prices that you see include the delivery of empty boxes (if needed), collection of items, storage for the whole Summer, and the return of items during Freshers' week. We also include duct tape for sealing your boxes.

I have my own boxes, can I use those?

Of course, just select the option 'I'm using my own boxes' under 'empty box drop off date' when booking online.

Can I store items other than boxes/suitcases/trunks?

Of course. Measure the item, and select whichever product it most closely resembles in size. Then send us an email with some more details.

What are the collection and return dates?

For St Andrews and Edinburgh the collection dates are in May, and the return dates are in September, with our 'summer period' being from May until September. In Durham, the collection dates are in June, and the return dates are in September/October. You'll be able to select these specific dates at checkout!

What if I don't know my return date or address yet?

Don't worry, simply select the option 'I'm unsure - I'll email when I know" at checkout for your return date, and input your collection address for the return address. We email all students over the summer to confirm return dates and addresses!


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"I really recommend this storage option. These guys are understanding and they try to flexibly adjust to your needs to provide the best experience. Definitely the cheapest option for students and the boxes come for free too!"

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— Rue, Edinburgh University