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Making Student Storage Simple Since 2015

Local Student Storage was founded by St Andrews undergrad Harry Bremner in summer 2015. After realising that students were spending huge sums of money to take university-related items such as bedding and books home over the summer, only to ship them back to university again when the new term started, Harry had an idea to utilise a friend’s attic just outside of town so that students could have an option to keep some items local to the university instead of having to take them home. Thus, the idea for Local Student Storage was born. Armed with a basic understanding of web development, a phone and a van, the first storage season comprised of 17 students using the service. Since then, the company has grown to service thousands of students across St Andrews and Edinburgh, partnering with local warehouse and logistics teams to ensure that our service stays true to our name.

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Our Values

Our Vision

  • Storage Made Simple
  • Continuously Reduce Costs
  • Improve Convenience
  • Improve Tech

Our Mision

  • Student-Oriented
  • Genuinely Friendly
  • Transparent
  • Affordable

Our Service

  • Secure
  • Flexible
  • Tech-Based
  • Seamless

Cost Savings

Our service is more affordable than shipping your items home over the summer and then back again when you return to university. We make sure of that.

Secure Storage

All items are stored in secure, 24-hour CCTV monitored premises. True to our name, each warehouse is local to the university that it services.


We have developed the most stream-lined and efficient student storage platform on the market, integrating machine learning methods into our Driver App allowing students to track every movement on the day of their order.


Our 'Manage Booking' section allows you to update your order as and when you like, up to 48h before we are due to fulfil the order. Change the date, time and address as well as the number of items being stored.

Our mission is to surprise each student by how efficient and affordable our service is to the extent that when the service is complete, the student mentions to someone else how great it was.

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